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Diodes, Thermistors, Fusible resistors, Fuses, ICs, Transistors... most components suitable for TV repairs.

If Your product isn't here, please ask and I do my best to get it in stock.

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FDD5614P FDD 5614P P-Mosfet Transistor
FDD5614P FDD 5614PTO-252P-mosfet Transistor..
FDPF51N25 Transistor N-channel Mosfet TO-220F
FDPF51N25 Transistor N-channel Mosfet TO-220F250V / 28ATO-220F Transistor N-channel Mosfet..
FGD4536 IGBTTO-252IGBT Transistor..
FMG24R Fast Recovery Rectifier Dual Diode (Dual Common Anode) TO-220F
FMG24RFast Recovery Rectifier Dual Diode (Dual Common Anode)Package/Case: TO-220F 3pin400V / 10..
FQP10N60C FQP10N60 10N60C 10N60 MOSFET N-Channel transistor TO-220
FQP10N60C FQP10N60 10N60C 10N60600V 9.5AMOSFET N-Channel transistorTO-220..
FQPF10N60C 10N60C 10N60 600V 9.5A MOSFET N-Channel transistor TO-220F
FQPF10N60C 10N60C 10N60600V 9.5AMOSFET N-Channel transistorTO-220F..
FQPF5N50 N-Channel MOSFET 5A / 500V TO-220F
FQPF5N50 N-Channel MOSFET500V 5AMOSFET N-Channel transistorTO-220F..
FSFR1700 Power Switch ICSIP-9..
FSFR1700L Power Switch ICSIP-9..
FSFR1700US Power Switch ICSIP-9..
FSFR1800 Power Switch ICSIP-9..
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